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Stephen is the founder of EEF Custom Homes. 

Stephen's Story

Stephen founded EEF Custom Homes in 2018 after spending over a decade building and remodeling homes around Austin. His passion for real estate investing coupled with an interest in building was the foundation for EEF. In 2017 close family friends were struggling to find a suitable builder for their home. After some convincing, Stephen decided to take on his first 'client' and build a custom family home.

EEF rapidly grew by word of mouth and past client referrals, pivoting to an entirely custom home building and remodeling company. Just 4 years later in 2021, Stephen decided it was time to scale back and sold the company. He remains with EEF to this day and works closely with the company's new owner Nicolas Sfeir, continuing to build high-end custom homes throughout West Austin.

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