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EEF Custom Homes streamlines the transformation of your home from concept to architectural design.

  • We collaborate with our architects, engineers, and designers to tailor a concept that meets your unique requirements.

  • Clients have the option to bring in their chosen sub-contractors, although we offer a list of preferred professionals.

  • Our team works seamlessly with any external architects, engineers, or designers you may wish to involve.

  • We engage closely with all parties involved, including interior designers, to refine and perfect the design vision.


Ensuring your complete satisfaction with the design plan is our priority before any construction starts.


EEF ensures a smooth transition from design to construction with thorough planning and analysis.


  • We assist architects with the constructability review process to foresee and mitigate potential challenges.

  • Our proactive approach aims to prevent delays and financial setbacks by addressing issues before construction begins.

  • EEF offers detailed construction budget estimates, setting a solid foundation for the project's financial planning.

  • The budgeting process encompasses client expectations, labor estimates, jurisdictional requirements, and any other pre-construction necessities.

Building a House


EEF Custom Homes meticulously prepares for your project, ensuring all necessary permits and plans are in place.

  • We manage the permit acquisition process, for any project type, through our team or via our network of permit expeditors.

  • Our team, including architects, conducts another constructibility review to anticipate any project challenges.

  • A thorough final review of plans and blueprints is performed to confirm alignment with client requirements and project feasibility.

  • We provide a detailed cost estimation by breaking down the project into individual components and work scopes for financial clarity.

  • An initial construction schedule is developed to outline the project timeline, focusing on critical path items for efficiency and effectiveness.


At the onset of construction, we'll provide expert guidance and oversight, ensuring your custom home build is executed flawlessly and efficiently.

  • A senior project manager and site superintendent are assigned to ensure project success.

  • We maintain a hands-on approach, managing all construction activities and trades until completion.

  • Through weekly site meetings and our software platform, we offer full transparency and constant communication.

  • Coordination and management of all involved parties, including architects, engineers, and sub-contractors, are conducted daily.

  • Regular updates on budgets and timelines are provided to align all stakeholders and guarantee an efficient construction process

Wood Frame of House
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